Organic vegetables
Food and Accommodation
Fireside relaxation
Fresh organic vegetables delivered by Che Maida, our friendly local organic farmer. Relax in the comfort of our main sitting room.
Meal in the courtyard Bedroom
Tasty food is served in a variety of locations, here our courtyard provides an ideal winter suntrap. Each room is individual and unique, each has its own story.
Relaxing in the courtyard Courtyard room.
We have a wide variety of private and communal seating areas. Our courtyard room, with views of the Shire River.
Forest cabin Sunlit bedroom
Nestled in the woods, the forest cabin provides peace and privacy in a spectacular location. Sunbathe whilst enjoying lie-ins and siestas.
Four poster Find a quiet place to read
The four poster in the main retreat house. Relax in one of our hanging chairs with a favourite book.

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