Skull Rock
Uzuzu Mountain Ridge Walk
The ridge walk
The “must see” speciality of Namizimu Forest Retreat is the surrounding forest; the most beautiful and spectacular part of which is the high ridge leading to the summit of Uzuzu mountain. We have opened up a new path which allows visitors a beautiful and safe route direct from the campsite up to the mountain top in about an hour. This walk has been described as one of the most spectacular walks available in Malawi and is not to be missed. It is easy to spend a whole day leisurely exploring this wonderful location.

The route
After a steep twenty minute walk from the plateau campsite, our new path allows visitors easy access up onto the ridge. Once up on the ridge, an easy gentle route winds through exceptionally fine woodland, blessed with 360 degree panoramas. This is montane Brachystegia forest at its best, rare orchids and ferns festoon the huge granite boulders which tower up through the trees. Small groves of Protea bushes can be found flowering as mid-summer approachs. There are several short side tracks that leave the main route allowing particularly fine views to be enjoyed.

The summit and its historical significance
Uzuzu’s highest point is marked by a colonial trig point mounted on the top of the highest boulder. Either side of the trig point location, there are single spent cartridges cemented onto boulders marking an interesting event in Malawi’s history.
Fort Mangochi Main Entrance
Huge boulders in the forest. Looking West to Mangochi.
Strong walls
Uzuzu View. Lichen covered rocks.

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