Barra Lake Camp Prices
Accommodation: Camping: £10.00 per person per night
  Treehouse: £30.00 per person per night
Food: We offer a simple al fresco cafe, serving three meals a day.
Drink: Bottled water, soft drinks and beers are available all day.
Transfers & Transport to/from Mangochi
• Self-drive. (see map) 1/2 hour
• Bicycle taxis. 1 hour
• Boat pick from Mangochi. Price depending on numbers (see below). 1 hour

Person(s) Price per person (one-way)
1 £50.00
2-3 £25.00
4-5 £15.00
6-9 £10.00
10 £7.00
Excursions & Activities
We offer a range of excursions from guided wildlife safaris to multi-day mountain hikes, prices vary depending on group size and tour itineraries. Please let us know your requirements.
Bookings, Deposits & Payment
Please contact us to enquire, book or arrange pre-payment or deposits. Payment can be made directly into our bank accounts in Malawi or the UK.
Avenue leading to the lake
Avenue leading to the lake.
Stunning scenery on the way to the lake
Stunning views between Namizimu and the Barra make the journey the destination.
Fish Eagle
One of our resident Fish Eagle's at Namizimu Lake Camp.
Freedom on the motorbike!
We have a few off road motorbikes available for hire.
Kayak at the Lake Camp
For those who want to explore the surrounding area, we have a handmade double kayak available for hire.

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