Stairs to Big Rock viewing point
The Joys of Namizimu
High Energy
Namizimu is Yao territory, and in the native tongue the name Namizimu means "the place of the spirits". Our guests often comment on the good energy they feel at this special place.

Mountain Springs & Rock Pools
High mountain springs are the secret to the oasis feeling of Namizimu Forest. Our private perennial spring generously pours out enough cool clean water for drinking, luxurious bathing and garden irrigation.

Clean Air
At 3,000 feet, Namizimu Estate offers a cooler and refreshing climate, especially welcome when temperatures rise down on the lakeshore.

Huge Sunsets
Perched high, looking west, Namizimu receives a splendid sunset every evening. Blessed with nature's choice of sunset viewing platforms in the form of boulders and cliffs, guests can enjoy a sun downer from the khonde or cliff top, or perhaps select a more secluded space for meditation or yoga.

Solar Power
Just 13 degrees south of the equator, the sun is hot and overhead most of the year, creating ideal conditions for solar powered systems. During the day, our various solar collectors provide a continuous stream of hot spring water for baths and showers. Some of this is stored in insulated tanks for evening use. A modest bank of photovoltaic panels provides a little evening lighting and allows for the charging of phones, etc.

Woodland walks
Most visitors find enough enjoyment relaxing in the garden and walking the woodland paths within the estate. We maintain a network of several kilometres of paths for enjoyable strolls through the forest garden. Many longer walks such as the climb up to Uzuzu peak will take a good hour or two depending on how much time is taken photographing the tremendous views. For those more adventurous, the Namizimu Forest Reserve stretches northwards offering almost a thousand square kilometers of forested mountain range to explore.

See the Activities page for more information about this and other walks.
Amorous butterflies
Stairs leading up to Big Rock viewing point. Butterflies in the forest.
Outdoor bathing Forest walks
Alternating between hot baths and dips in our plunge pool has proven to be a favourite activity. Well maintained paths give easy access to view points and picnic spots.
Cooksonia aliciae butterfly Sculptural rocks
A male Cooksonia aliciae, endemic to Namizimu Forest photographed in our forest garden in December 2011. Huge boulders provide massive natural sculptures.

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