What to bring
At Namizimu Forest Retreat we are off the main electricity grid and currently have a limited amount of solar power.  In the evenings, communal spaces are lit by solar lanterns and candles, which contribute to the warm, intimate atmosphere that Namizimu is known for.  Candles are provided in your rooms.  Bring your own torch for walking between your room and communal spaces, for evening walks, and for spotting our resident bush babies in the trees at night.

If you don’t have a torch, you are welcome to use one of our solar lanterns.  We charge our solar torches in the day and after a sunny day; they give us good lighting from 6am till midnight.  After that, they start to dim and are no longer as effective.
Sensible Footwear
Walking is the most popular activity at Namizimu Forest Retreat.  There is a network of paths within and around our 16 acre estate.  The path to Uzuzu Ridge, which is one of our most popular local walks, is in some places quite steep and requires sensible footwear.  The brick paving in and around the main retreat buildings is covered in beautiful moss, making it slippery in some areas.  This is not a problem if you wear sensible shoes.  We are proud to inform you that this is a heel free zone!
Swim Wear
The plunge pool at Namizimu Forest Retreat is our most popular communal zone.  On a sunny day, our unique solar water heating system provides hot water for the pool side bath, making it easier to brace yourself to dive into the cool spring water of the plunge pool.  Alternating between hot and cold in this way is a powerful and pleasurable method of detoxification.  We advise guests who choose to take advantage of this to drink lots of fresh mountain spring water to maximise the detox and avoid dehydration.

If you have chosen a high privacy deal, you will have it all to yourselves and swim wear is not necessary.
Warm clothes and waterproof wear
At 3300 feet, it is significantly cooler here than at the lower altitudes of the lake shore, making it a welcome relief in the hot, dry season.  The weather is changeable, sometimes alternating between blue skies and sunshine and tropical rain storms within the space of a few hours.  Temperatures can drop at night time – though never below 10 degrees Celsius – and you may need a warm jumper at night having spent the day in a tank top.  We subscribe to the Scottish approach:  there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing!

When the weather is cool, we have a roaring fire in the main living room to take the chill off.
Mosquito Repellent
There are fewer mosquitos here than at lower altitudes but in certain seasons mosquito repellent is necessary.  For most of the year we have an outside living room, which is where most guests choose to spend the majority of their time.  On warm balmy nights mosquitos can be a nuisance that are easily overcome by a simple application of repellent!
Sun Screen
Most of our forest walks are in the canopy but there are incredible boulders all over the estate that provide viewpoints where you will be exposed to the sun.  There is a shelter for shade by the plunge pool but it is an ideal place to work on your strapless or all-over tan.  To avoid burning, please bring sun screen if you require it.  Your hot bath will be infinitely more pleasurable as a result!
Binoculars and Wildlife Guide Books
There is a host of wildlife in the forest that can be appreciated with or without the help of our wonderful guide, Brave. Brave is a bird specialist and he has been learning more about the unique butterfly and insect life in our forest.  He is a subtle and unobtrusive guide, but you may wish to explore the area on your own, with or without the help of wildlife books.
Occasionally guests have forgotten to bring a camera and sorely regretted it!  You are journeying to a spectacular location; anyone with an interest in photography will miss their camera if they don’t bring it!

We have a small residents only bar which operates on an honesty system. We invite you to make yourselves at home during your time here and keep track of your own drinks which can be enjoyed anywhere on the Estate.  Our drinks are more expensive than local bars to cover the expenses of procurement of ice and drinks in an off grid location. Drinks can be delivered to the location of your choice at an extra price.

However, we do not have a corkage charge and you are most welcome to bring your own drinks and ice, making it possibly the cheapest place to drink in Malawi!  If you choose to bring your own drinks and use the honesty system, we ask you to record what you have brought in the honesty bar to help us keep track of things.

We have a few insulated boxes that require ice in order to keep drinks cold. If you want to bring your own drinks we suggest you also buy ice. Ice can be picked up from the Mangochi Ice Factory on your way to the retreat.

All our drinking water comes from a fresh water spring in the heart of the mountain and is accessed freely from taps all over the estate.  Our water is clean, sweet and not chemically treated.  It is unnecessary to bring your own water.  We do not sell bottled water.

We ask you to bring everything you need for a good time!

lake view
View of Lake Malawi from Namizimu Forest Retreat.
With sensible foot wear, you too can enjoy the view from the top of Uzuzu Peak.
Plunge Pool
Our plunge pool, a short walk from the main retreat buidings.
Outdoor toilet
One of the outdoor toilets at our plateau campsite.
The Mangochi Ice Factory, a very useful stop if you're planning on bringing your own drinks to Namizimu Forest Retreat.
One of our favourite guests enjoying our honesty bar, please note the mosquito repellent on the table!

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